Main research themes at DESLAB:

  1. Algorithms of Digital Signal Processing for Speech Processing and Telecommunications, Digital Image Processing, Biomedical Signal Processing, Computer Vision, Intelligent Controls.
  2. Embedded Systems on MCU, FPGA and DSP.
  3. MOSFET Modeling and Parameter Extraction
  4. FPGA Design, IC Design and System-on-Chip.
  5. Design of Biomedical Electronics Products.
  6. Internet-of-Things (IoTs) Applications.

research_themesMain themes are currently researched underway:

1. ASIC Design

dsp162. PCB Design, FPGA Design and Embedded Systems

pcb3. MOSFET Device Modeling and Parameter Extraction

parameter_extract4. An Ultra-fast CAM-based Detection and Recognition System on FPGA/ASIC

slid5. Electronic Microscope using Embedded Systems (Biomedical Electronics)

khv6. Body Area Network: using MCU and BLE for Health Monitor (Biomedical Electronics – Internet-of-Things application)

body_sensor_network ecg_ble17. Wireless Presentation Assistance Device using Wifi


8. Biomedical Signal Processing (BSP) using ICA algorithm


9. High Performance Processors on FPGA and ASIC

– 16-bit, 32-bit Digital Signal Processor
– 64-bit multi-core CPU
– Set Operation Processor (SOP)
– Database Processor (DBP)