Product Infomation

Nowadays, presentation has become a vital role in meetings, conferences, teaching, advertisement, and more. However, the way of presentation has not been change much since the day that projector products came out. There are many things that can be improved. And that is the motivation for us to develop the ‘Presentation Assistant’ system. Our purpose aims to serve in meetings, conferences, teaching purpose, and presentation in advertisement.



System consists of devices group and remotes group. Devices group includes all devices that connect to the display screen such as TV, monitor, projector. Remotes group includes smart phones (running android, iOS, or window phone) and/or computers (running Windows or Linux) that run the ‘Presentation Assistant’ application. The connection between groups is LAN/ Internet connection which allows multiple remotes connect to multiple devices

General functions:

  • Multi – Multi connection: multiples remotes control multiple devices.
  • Type of display files: image, video, powerpoint, pdf.
  • Access to files in device, files in remote, or files in cloud accounts like dropbox or google drive.
  • Download files from devices to your mobile/PC (develop to a type of electronics advertisement flyers).
  • Fullscreen function: remote displays the image which being displayed in the monitor/ TV/ projector, then control from it (slide powerpoint, change pdf page, change image, play/ pause/ stop video, close displaying files, tab to switch files to display, draw or note directly on the displaying screen).

When a remote connects to a device, there are 3 different types of connection: Viewer, Controller, and Owner with different features.

Tính năng Viewer Controller Owner
List files and folders Yes Yes Yes
Download files from device Yes Yes Yes
Fullscreen function Yes Yes Yes
Control fullscreen No Yes Yes
Create new folder No Yes Yes
Rename device No No Yes
Change account No No Yes
Lock device’s functions No No Yes
Settings device No No Yes