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Product Infomation

Project of “Embedded Systems connecting with Microscopes” to digitize displayed images under microscopes under photos or HD videos to serve for communities in Education and Medics.


NHV-CAM can connect to almost current microscopes on the market. NHV-CAM can transfer images from the microscopes to the other terminals such as LCD TV screen, PC and smart phones. With NHV-CAM, you can capture images or record video directly by two simple and convenient buttons. Moreover, you can create notes, make measurements, and use other advanced features through a specific software on PC (Windows OS) or smart phones (Android and iOS).
  • Display images from the microscopes to LCD TV screen.
  • Capture image and video, then store in USB.
  • Transfer “dynamic” images from the microscope to the terminal via the LAN (wired or wireless).
  • Control remotely NHV-CAM via smart phone using NHV-CAM Viewer software.
No. Device’s Name Functions
1 Microscope Magnify objects through an optical system.
2 Microscope’s Adapter Optical connection between NHV-CAM and the microscope
3 NHV-CAM Acquire images from the microscope
4 LCD Monitor or TV supports HDMI,  Video/Analog Display images from the microscope