Name in Vietnamese: PHÒNG THÍ NGHIỆM XỬ LÝ TÍN HIỆU SỐ VÀ HỆ THỐNG NHÚNG – Khoa Điện tử Viễn thông – Trường ĐH Khoa Học Tự Nhiên, ĐHQG TP. Hồ Chí Minh.
Name in English: DIGITAL SIGNAL PROCESSING AND EMBEDDED SYSTEMS LABORATORY – Faculty of Electronics and Telecommunications – University of Science – VNUHCM.
Abbreviation: DESLAB


Faculty of Electronics and Telecommunications has given lectures and applications of Digital Signal Processing (DSP) and related courses (speech recognition, image processing, fuzzy logic, neural networks, statistical methods, and so on) at Undergraduate and Graduate levels for very long terms. On the other hand, in very early time we have predicted that the new trends of electronics and information technology will be Programmable Logic and Embedded Systems (ES) since 2000. Through  scientific research projects, our lecturers have accumulated many facilities, especially the development board FPGA and DSP, creating a very good base for training and research in the next topics. In addition, our faculty received a lot of sponsors from leading companies such as Altera (USA), Microchip (USA), Renesas (Japan), Mitsuba (Japan), etc.

Because there were a lot of convenient conditions as above and the importance of DSP and ES in training, scientific research, and applications, the faculty decided for establishing DESLAB in 2008.


  1. Implement Scientific research – Technology transfer.
  2. Develop of commercial products.
  3. Collaborate with company outside, domestic and foreign universities.
  4. Support for Undergraduate and Graduate courses of the Faculty of Electronics & Telecommunications.


  • Self-design of high-tech electronic products with practical applications.
  • Be strong research capabilities to meet the missions of research and scientific and technological order.
  • Adapt to technology changes all over the world.
  • Become to have revenues from services and product development.


DESLAB is equipped by full necessary equipments to serve for training and research within the research themes of DESLAB.

  • ARM, DSP (TI), FPGA (Altera) Boards.
  • Boards for Embedded systems: Panda, DEx-SoC, Altium.
  • Electronics Microscopes.
  • Measurement instruments: Power Supply, Pulse Generator, Function Generator, Digital Oscilloscope, DAQ (NI), VOM, Electronics Explorer (Multiple functions of mesurements), etc.


  • HPT Vietnam
  • Ideas & Solutions
  • Big Dolphin Vietnam
  • Vijases Vietnam
  • Savarti
  • Esilicon Vietnam
  • VLSI Lab, The University of Electro-Communications, Tokyo, Japan
  • Insitute of Electron Technology, Warsaw, Poland